Geometrical Figures and Bodies from “Of Occult Philosophy” by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa
[figure 1] “The human being is the most beautiful and most perfect work of God, (…) has a more perfect and more harmonious physique than all the other creatures and contins all numbers, measurements, weights, movements, elements, in aword everything, that belongs to his completion and everything reaches through the human being, the most sublime masterpiece, its perfection, which all the other bodies do not possess.”(…) “There is no member in man which hath not correspondence with some sign, Star, intelligence, divine name, sometimes in God himself the Archetype.”

[figure 2] “Also the four square measure is the most proportionated body; for, if a man be placed upright with his feet together, and his arms stretched forth, he will make a quadrature equilateral, whose center s in the botom [bottom] of his belly.”

[figure 3] “But if on the same center a circle be made by the crown of the head, the arms being let fall so far till the end of the fingers tough the circumference of that circle, and the feet spread abroad in the same circumference, as much as the fingers ends are distant from the top of the head; Then they divide that circle, which was drawn from the center of the lower belly, into five equale parts, and do constiturte a perfect Pentagon; and the Heels of the feet, having reference to the navile [navel], make a triangle of equal sides.”

[figure 4] “But if the hands be thus elevated, and the feet and Thighes extended in this manner, by the which a man is made shorter by the fourteenth part of his upright stature, then the distance of his feet having reference to the lower belly, they will make an equilaterall Triangle; and the center being placed in his navile [navel], a circle being brought about, will touch the ends of the fingers and toes.”

[figure 5] “But if the Heels being unmoved, the feet be stretched forth on both sides to the right and left, and the hands lifted up to the line of the head, them the ends of the fingers and Toes do make a square of equall sides, whose center is on the navile [navel], in the girdling of the body.”

[figure 6] “But if the hands be lifted up as high as can be, above the head, then the elbow will be equal to the crown of the head, and if then the feet being put together, a man stand thus, he may be put into an equilaterall square brought by the extremities of the hands and feet; the center of this square is the navel, which is the middle betwixt the top of the head and the knees.”

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