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Hands and feet portfolio for life drawing.

;-; I really didn’t NEED that much shading, but I couldn’t control myself….. (in reality, I would’ve probably shaded even more than this if I had more time and determination)

PS. yes, these are my own hands and feet 

PPS. I still think feet are disgusting and they look scary

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When I was a teenager my art teacher stated if we were extroverts or introverts just from looking to our faces. Apparently, our faces are not symmetrical and depending on which side is smaller you can recognize which of these two you are. Interesting thing is that babies have symmetrical faces and only later they change. Does it mean that first months of our life and how we are treated might be the reason of us being introverts or extroverts?

This event led me to be curious about face features overall. “Physiognomy is the assessment of a person’s character or personality from his outer appearance, especially the face“( Since it was founded in ancient Greece it was treated differently, sometimes as proper sciences, sometimes as pseudoscience, sometimes it was forgotten overall.

In book “Snoop” Sam Gosling is listing all people features which can define character, such as your room, clothes, walking style, posture. It looks like every detail about you is like your outside definition of who you are. So why not face features?

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Flesh and Bone;  Charcoal w/vellum and colored pencil overlay


Flesh and Bone;  Charcoal w/vellum and colored pencil overlay